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TNG is searching for companies manufacturing products for sludge treatment for their new division. Furthermore, they are interested in companies that have know-how, a partner that transforms the waste into energy and companies that offer new solutions for lead detection devices and metering devices. 


  • Bulk / Residential Water Meters
  • Waste Water Solutions: TMG offers solutions for managing and monitoring waste water.
  • Irrigation Systems: Designed to optimize water usage in agricultural settings
  • Turbine Meters: TMG specializes in turbine meters used for flow measurement, that requires precision
  • Field Services

Techno Meter group (TMG) is an Egyptian company which completed a glorious “30 years of excellence” in the water meter industry (1992 -2022).

TMG is currently in a leading position for designing, producing and distributing devices and solutions for measuring the consumption of water and energy. TMG operates nationally across governorates supplying water companies, the industry and the private market. The product range includes: Water, Waste Water, Irrigation, Oil & Gas & Other Industries.

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