Arab Contractors for Facility Management​

Intended Cooperation

Companies providing:

  • Alliances with manufacturers and suppliers of sewage and water plant components (pipes, motors, valves)
  • Leading role in the field of IFM for smart cities, including giant towers/hotels
  • Specialization in recycling medical waste and sewage waste
  • Training for workers and technicians


  • Facility Management: replacement and renovation of water and sewage plants
  • Construction of Electromagnetic Projects
  • Logistical Area support to facilitate cost efficient transportation to Africa and the Middle East

The Arab Contractors for Facility Management (S.A.E.) was founded 1994 as a subsidiary of the Arab Contractors, which is a leading construction company in the Middle East and Africa.

The S.A.E. is considered one of the leading companies in Egypt in providing innovative and professional Facility Management solutions to achieve sustainable development while ensuring functionality of Assets, Processes and Technology. Today more than 480 sewage plants are currently operated according to the process of gradual replacement or expansion.

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